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Ask yourself these 5 questions if in doubt

Most of you may know these effects and biases. This is not about letting you know, but giving you a checklist, to run it every time and remind you of the obious. Enjoy! Are you affected by Dunning–Kruger effect? Basically

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Health Check your Team with these JIRA queries in Confluence

In my teams I found it useful to have a Confluence page available where you can easily get the team’s JIRA-issue-health. I have computed and commented the following JIRA Query Language Statements (JQL) for you. Pls. find my last article

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JIRA / Confluence Shorthands for #NoEstimates

As you were reading Albina Popova’s articles [1, 2 & 3] about #NoEstimates you might have wonder how you would do some kind of measuring without story points and explicit estimation. These JIRA and Confluence shorthands may help you: JIRA

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