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Ask yourself these 5 questions if in doubt

Most of you may know these effects and biases. This is not about letting you know, but giving you a checklist, to run it every time and remind you of the obious. Enjoy! Are you affected by Dunning–Kruger effect? Basically

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Health Check your Team with these JIRA queries in Confluence

In my teams I found it useful to have a Confluence page available where you can easily get the team’s JIRA-issue-health. I have computed and commented the following JIRA Query Language Statements (JQL) for you. Pls. find my last article

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JIRA / Confluence Shorthands for #NoEstimates

As you were reading Albina Popova’s articles [1, 2 & 3] about #NoEstimates you might have wonder how you would do some kind of measuring without story points and explicit estimation. These JIRA and Confluence shorthands may help you: JIRA

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My personal Résumé on #LKCE16

I just attended the Lean Kanban Central Europe 2016 (#LKCE16) here in Hamburg, which was held on 8th — 9th of November. Disclaimer: This is my personal review and influenced by the sessions I’ve attended. For others this might not copy or

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Why you should start with capex

…in the same instand you have finished reading this article Yes we are agile. We are doing the right things and we are doing the things right. And all that stuff. It is great to work in a real agile surrounding.

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