Health Check your Team with these JIRA queries in Confluence

In my teams I found it useful to have a Confluence page available where you can easily get the team’s JIRA-issue-health. I have computed and commented the following JIRA Query Language Statements (JQL) for you. Pls. find my last article worth reading before.

If you are experienced with working with JIRA and Confluence you maybe skip the Groundworks part and take the JQLs as an inspiration.


Get a new Confluence page and start by adding the JIRA Macro to it. Just start typing {ji… and select JIRA.
After that you can paste the JQL (see below), edit the project and hit the magnifier to see a first result appearing. If not, check your JQL again.

If in doubt, you perhaps should copy it to JIRA and carve it there until it’s fine and re-apply it to the macro dialog in Confluence. Upside on JIRA’s Search for Issues — Advanced GUI is autocompletion and instant JQL checking.

If you thing standard set of fields to display is not suitable for your JQL, just edit them by clicking Display options at the bottom of the Macro dialog. (For instance it’s not very useful to have the description show for issues which have none 😉


No description

So simple, that you wouldn’t think of, but this actually discovered some unloved ones.

project = WHATEVER and status not in (Recorded, Open, OtherOpenStates) and resolutiondate is EMPTY and description is EMPTY

Perhaps you should exclude sub-tasks with:

and issuetype not in subTaskIssueTypes()

No update in 30 days

Everything which is somehow in progress, but was not touched for over 30 days. Adjust it to your own time frames.

project = WHATEVER and status not in (Recorded, “Not Started”, Failed) and resolutiondate is EMPTY and updatedDate <= startOfDay(-30d)

In current sprint and was in sprint(s) before

For Scrum teams. You can easily get the ones which where too big or to difficult. Nice table to talk about meta stuff in Retro. Here it’s useful to add the field Sprint via Display options in Macro dialog.

project = WHATEVER and Sprint in openSprints() and Sprint in closedSprints() and resolution is EMPTY

Due date imminent

Every issue where the due date is will end before end of the current week and which is not closed.

project = WHATEVER and duedate <= endOfWeek() and resolution is EMPTY ORDER BY duedate ASC

Punch line is

Most people know JIRA, a few know how to use it for their own measurements. I discovered from my teams that they’re using it more by having Confluence pages with handpicked and relevant filtered issues. Maybe you find it as useful as me.

Please leave me a comment, if

  • it’s useful
  • if you have an annotation
  • you want to share your health check JQLs with us!
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